Thursday, September 20, 2018

Time for Change

With the beginning of the fall season comes news on several fronts at St. Mark.  First, I’m pleased to report that our new Per Mar security system will be installed in early October.  Construction of the new canopy at the south entrance of the church building will begin by the end of this month, giving us much-needed shelter and visibility as our primary entrance.  Due to the timing of this construction project, the sealing and striping of the parking lot will wait until spring.  We are grateful for the funding of these three projects through our new loan from the ELCA Mission Investment Fund. 

Second, I want to provide an update on Naomi’s current condition. She has been receiving outstanding care at Anam Glen in Rockford since December of last year.  I can’t say enough good things about the excellent, compassionate care she receives from them.  Naomi is now receiving electro convulsive therapy treatments on a weekly basis, which help keep her calm and less restless.  Yet, she continues to decline due to the progressive nature of Alzheimer’s disease.

In light of her diminishing health, the determination has been made to place her under the additional care of Northern Illinois Hospice, who will provide a supplementary level of care to Naomi as she remains at Anam Glen.  This decision was reached in consultation with the staff at Anam Glen and with the three local hospice providers we consulted in the process of selecting a hospice provider to assist Naomi in the coming months.  As you may know, candidates are eligible to receive hospice care once they are assessed to have six months or less to live. While I have no clear sense of how long Naomi has left to live, I believe the rate of her decline merits this welcome assistance.  I will provide you with more updates on Naomi as her condition changes.  We continue to cherish your prayerful support.

As we move into the season of autumn, I am grateful for the comprehensive ministry of St. Mark and for our vital mission to faithfully serve this community and beyond.

Walking this journey of faith with you,
Pastor Mark Hagen

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