Thursday, January 11, 2018

You Can Do Great Things!

In the black 1863 days of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln went to church with an aide. After the service the aide asked him what he thought. Mr. Lincoln said, "The sermon was very logical and very well reasoned." The aide said, "So the sermon was a success?" Mr. Lincoln said, "No. It was a failure. Because he did not challenge us to do something great."
I'm going to challenge you to do two great things.
But first, consider invisible people. They are everywhere. They may be poor, they may be of a different race, they may be incarcerated.
But the homebound people of st. Mark need not be invisible! It's true that they cannot come to church, or a restaurant, or a marketplace. But they can be conspicuous in our lives.
How? By doing two great things. First, coming to our Barnabas class this coming Thursday, January 18, 2:00 P.M. to learn how to visit and whom to visit. You'll be joining wonderful caring Barnabas ministers who are actively visiting. Just call Melinda to register, 815-871-0390.
The other way to make them  conspicuous is to pray daily for each of them:
George and Betty Adams, Glenn Bengston, Phyllis Blunt, Dorothy Brommerich, Helen Corbett, William Dinges, Ann Doty, Robert Dvorak, Marilyn Hallen, Gene Holmberg, Bill Jennings, Ray Lundgren, Jeanneil Miller-Paul, Kaye Mueller, Bette Patterson, Rose Pearson, Elmer Seybold, Al Spangrud, Audrey Weberg.
I challenge you to do two great things: visit our invisible people, and pray for them- and do great things!  - God loves you and so do I, Pastor Chuck Olson, Pastor for pastoral care

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